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John Travolta Opposes Jumbolair Expansion

Even Ocala’s most famous resident, John Travolta, a lifelong pilot himself, agrees that the Jumbolair expansion is not in the public interest.  John Travolta started taking flying lessons at age 15 and has been a licensed pilot since he was 22 years old.  It’s that lifelong love of aviation that brought him to Ocala in early 2000 with the decision to build a home in Jumbolair.

Truett Gardner, Mr. Travolta’s legal counsel, spoke to John recently and he asked us to share this message.  “John loves Marion County, the peaceful nature of Jumbolair, and he is completely united with the opponents of Mr. Bull’s comp plan and rezoning requests.”

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SORA, Horse Farms Forever, Ocala Horse Alliance, Local Residents, and Travolta unite in an effort to stop the Jumbolair Expansion

Read Horse Farms Forever’s Opposition Statement

URGENT Sunny Oaks

453 acres of Heavy Industrial Development

The Sunny Oaks application is a rezoning application changing the zoning from agriculture to a PUD (Planned Unit Development) for a “non-residential multi-use project including commercial, industrial and public utility uses”. The PUD proposes public facility locations for a fire station, water treatment and wastewater treatment facility. The property will incorporate 4,000,000 sqft of 3-story high warehouses. The property is located on the I-75 and 318 corridors and surrounds a pioneer family that owns sixty acres since early 1900.

URGENT - WEC/Ocala Jockey Club

The property is a 1029.51 acre parcel of pristine land in the NW sector of Marion County along Route 318, and known as the Ocala Jockey Club. It is slated to change from agriculture to commercial where it proposes to have specific urban uses. The property is scheduled to have 120,000 square feet (2.7548 acres!) of commercial, retail and restaurants, 100 RV spaces with a convenience store, including a gas station, 94 residential units, and a 9,000 seat stadium with covered arenas and barns.

Why is Preservation of our Land Important?

Preservation of a County’s natural resources is the basis for life. Marion County established the Farmland Preservation Area (FPA) in 2005 and it encompasses 190,500 acres. 2,500 have already been lost to rezoning based on developers efforts. We all need to stand together and fight every new rezoning effort! Every time a high-density development goes in another lawyer can argue precedent and periphery to get a project rezoned.

Save Our Rural Areas (SORA) is helping citizens save the local land and farming environment from destruction. It is a worthwhile mission to move forward with a message that has actionable responses and can help to stop undo consequences from occurring.

Will you step forward and become involved with our mission at SORA?

We welcome all of our citizens to begin a dedicated approach to stop development from ruining our county. We need everyone’s voice to share our message. We need a commitment from our local residents to stop the devastation that is coming. We need everyone to stand with our environment, our land, and the citizens who are in harm’s way so that we may keep the country, county.

Become united with our mission by sharing our message and supporting our work.

SORA’s Legal Fund

Fighting development that is not comprehensive with our rural area is expensive. We are represented by an environmental lawyer who understands that severe development is a threat to our rural community. We need YOUR HELP to ensure that legal representation is available when we most need it. Please donate to Sora’s legal fund.

We need your help to defend the rural character of Central Florida against big development outside of a comprehensive development plan. SORA is a 501c3 charitable organization and your donations can be used as a tax write-off per IRS regulations.

You can donate online or send a check to:

SORA PO Box 275 - Micanopy, FL 32667

Annual Farmland Preservation Festival

Learn about farmland preservation - why it is important, how you can contribute, meet farm animals, and experience a great day with the family in the country.

Get involved today. Join Our Mailing List. Write your County Commissioner. Contact the EPA.

We Need Your Help

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