Board of County Commissioner meeting on Tuesday, February 20 at 2 pm at the McPherson Complex, 601 SE 25th Ave., Ocala

Express your opposition and ask when is enough, enough!

Jumbolair Estates Airpark’s rezoning request threatens the peace, air quality, and environment of over 17,000 acres of the Farmland Preservation Area (FPA). Once a laid-back airport used for a handful of residents’ air travel, the new owner wants to rezone for commercial use and to increase the residential density—and flight activity—by the hundreds!

News 6 February 12, 2024 - Marion County Community Pushes Back Against Airport Community Develoment. Watch the clip

John Travolta Files Legal Complaint Against Jumbolair Development

In January, Hawker Investment Trust, John Travolta’s entity, filed a lawsuit against Jumbolair Aviation Estates Owners Association and Jumbolair Development, LLC, owned by Robert and Debra Bull, seeking a judgement for specific performance. 

Hawker Investment Trust owns a 19+ acre parcel in the Jumbolair community where Mr. Travolta lives and keeps his aircraft.

The rezoning plan for Jumbolair is an existential threat to the FPA.

Most of the noise and air pollution associated with Jumbolair is concentrated in its Terminal Control Area—a 5-mile radius that starts in the middle of an airport and goes up in a cone, where planes sometimes fly in a holding pattern (see graphic). Numerous studies have shown that people living in this area experience a 20% increase in heart attacks and strokes, elevated lead exposure, damage to the respiratory system, hearing loss, and depression. Contamination from overhead aircraft results in A LOSS OF SUITABLE LAND FOR AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK, as aircraft toxic discharge will slowly poison anything below.

But if you take action, we can stop this attack on the FPA! Because concerned residents complained to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), packing the auditorium with frustrated citizens wearing red shirts, the decision to approve the Jumbolair rezoning proposal was deferred to February 20, 2024.


•   Write your opposition to any Jumbolair zoning changes to the BOCC - EMAIL HERE

•   Show up at the next BOCC meeting on February 20, 2024, at 2:00 pm to voice your opposition.

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SORA contends that the BOCC can and should deny Jumbolair’s request on the basis that it will only benefit the owner to the detriment of the rest of the community. Any increase in density or change in use explicitly threatens our rural areas—more noise, air pollution, soil contamination, traffic congestion,.and increased danger from potential plane crashes. This land use change is incompatible with surrounding neighborhoods. As it is currently, Jumbolair has pre-existing non-conforming use; it should not be made more non-conforming through an increase in density or flight activity given its incompatibility with the community.

Under county Comprehensive Plan Policy 1.2.3: “The LDC shall discourage the expansion of incompatible development and identify mechanisms to reduce impacts to existing development that is incompatible with existing or proposed development.”

You can review the Jumbolair plan in county archives (look up 231111ZP). Note that because the community is passionately against this rezoning, Jumbolair’s representatives suggested it would reduce the residential housing. Don’t be fooled, as this will still threaten the FPA with just as many flights (not to mention the auto traffic nightmare it will create).

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